Tackle that TBR readathon

As can be seen in my previous posts, I have a serious TBR problem that I am aiming to tackle. Therefore, I figured I would set up a readathon where I try and set out time to read as many of my own books as possible.

This one is running from the 2nd – 8th of January (starting and finishing at midnight in your own time zone).

The main aim is to do just as the title says, tackle your TBR and read as many books from your TBR as possible.


However, I am setting myself some challenges, so feel free to use all, some or none!


1. A book you really need to read

2. A book in a series

3. A standalone

4. A book that has been on the TBR for more than a year.


Now, for me, this is about tackling my physical TBR. You may however choose to your Goodreads TBR, or just books you’ve been meaning to read. Make it personal to your own TBR situation!

I would really love it if others would join me. Any posts to put up on any social media please use the hashtag #tacklethattbr and follow @tacklethattbr on twitter for updates.


Happy reading! 🙂


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