#10by2018 update. AKA YALC ruined all my plans!

So, way back on Boxing Day (26th December 2016) I posted about my horror at realising I had 273 physical and e – books that I owned but had not yet read. I therefore planned to try and get my owned TBR down to 10 books by the end of 2018. Giving me just over 2 years to unhaul / read 263 books. You can see the original post here.

I was doing so well, I had a massive unhaul, I bought very few books. Those I did buy I read right away alongside reading books I already owned.

Then, YALC happened. I was so excited, I ordered 7 books in order to get them signed whilst there. I had not read any of them. Whilst at YALC I picked up a lot of ARCs plus I also bought some books. Alongside this, I logged back into Netgalley and got a bit overexcited requesting books.

As a result of this, my current total number of books owned but unread is 211. I’m only down 52 books in 7 months. I still have 201 books to go and only 17 months to do it in. This is not good!

What are your TBRs like? Are you someone with a huge TBR and you love it? Or do you want to join me in trying to reduce yours down?

Let me know!


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