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What series should I read?

In January last year, I posted about series that I have started, but have yet to finish. I thought it was about time that I re – evaluated which series I still have to finish and see if I’ve actually made any progress in the last year and a bit.

Since that post I am caught up on none of the series that I posted about! Fabulous! So basically, no, not much progress.

Part of the problem is buying books, I haven’t got the money nor space for lots of new books. I’m trying to cut down on my TBR and have found that my library doesn’t carry many books in the series I’d like to read.

I’ll admit, I find it really hard to keep on top of series and very often lose interest before the end (I actually gave up on Throne of Glass despite being deep in the fandom because I just couldn’t handle it any more!)

All of the series, bar one, from my previous post are actually still being written so I think I can be forgiven for not finishing them all yet. However, I would like to find some more series that are complete, or nearly complete that you think I should read.

Sorry it’s a short one today but I suddenly realised, where I used to read loads of series, stand-alone books have taken over my life a bit and I’ve been enjoying that as I can read it then move on to something new, without getting bored or frustrated or forgetting who people and what happened in the last book (is it just me?)However, I think it’s time to get back into the series game!

What series do you think I absolutely HAVE to read?

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